June 14
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YEREVAN. – The work on the captives’ issue is considered to be the most serious part of our daily work. In this regard, our Russian partner—the Prosecutor of Russia—is fully involved in the process; and using this channel, we are given the opportunity to both make adjustments to the lists, and,  especially to pass information on torture, murder against them. Thus, to make a clear legal requirement, also together with our partner, so that this shall be followed by legal processes. Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan on Friday told this to reporters in the National Assembly of Armenia.

"They are based on the very evidence obtained in the framework of criminal cases; that is, the factual circumstances are recorded with these cases. We share this information with our Russian partners and, through their mediation, it becomes possible for Azerbaijan to take these issues seriously and realize its high responsibility," he added.

When asked how many Azerbaijani servicemen or officials the Armenian side has declared wanted, Davtyan responded: "Yes, we have a lot of pursuits. [But] I hope you all take this issue so seriously that you see that talking about it in public is not justified.”

And to the remark that the Azerbaijani side publicly announces that, for example, it had declared Armenian ex-defense minister Seyran Ohanyan wanted, the prosecutor general responded: "It does not mean that if they speak [about it], we should do the same. We address the issue in the legal dimension and, naturally, we, evaluating the effectiveness of our work, come to the conclusion that publicly speaking about it will harm. We have always taken our countermeasures, all of which have yielded results. They [Azerbaijan] are not able to carry out any effective search for our citizens."

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