June 19
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Today we Armenians are facing the loss of the homeland. This is what independent deputy of the National Assembly of Armenia Taguhi Tovmasyan said during today’s special session of the National Assembly.

“There were a lot of speeches about unity. How can there be unity when deputies continue to state that the Azerbaijanis attacked after a particular MP asked a particular question? Are you serious? Do you understand what is happening in the country and how it is possible to engage in dialogue in this domain? If Azerbaijan gets away with what it’s doing, things will get even worse,” she stated.

Tovmasyan stated that what remains a question for her is why Russia isn’t represented in Gegharkunik Province.

“I received an alarm from Armenia’s Kut village that citizens stood unarmed as the Azerbaijanis entered an Armenian territory. They asked me to speak out about this and at least provide the shepherds with weapons so that they can defend themselves. People are unable to graze their cattle safely. Of course, they’re courageous, but the Republic of Armenia is obliged to protect each and every citizen,” Tovmasyan said.

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