June 22
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I have reasonable doubts that Shushi was deliberately handed over. Second President Robert Kocharyan, the leader of the "Armenia" bloc that will run in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20, stated this during a meeting with the residents of Talin town in Aragatsotn Province, regarding the current Azerbaijani occupation of Shushi, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

According to him, the adversary had a big advantage over the air during the Artsakh war last fall. "It was necessary to inflict such damage from the first day so that the advance [by the adversary] would not have been allowed," Kocharyan said.

The former president added that the mobilization of the Armenian side was disorganized.

"As for Shushi. They [the adversary] entered Shushi without [military] equipment, from [the] Hadrut [region], through the forest, in pickups; this raises doubts. Why didn't they [the Armenian forces] stop them on the way? There was such an opportunity. People have reasonable doubts about the hand over. They have handed over to Shushi. I also have doubts," he said.

Kocharyan stated that this whole situation came about because of one person who said "welcome" to the enemy.

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