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Our government hasn’t considered, isn’t considering and won’t consider any logic of corridor. This is what acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said during Civil Contract Party’s rally held at Republic Square.

“In the context of opening of communication links, the government rules out change of status of any sovereign territory of Armenia. Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s statements on having a corridor through the territory of Armenia is simply absurd. The government has clearly expressed its stance. The economic links in the region need to be unblocked, and countries will receive equal and adequate opportunities, as it is described in the statement signed on January 11, 2021 in Moscow. Armenia is disposed to move forward consistently in order to implement the provisions of the statement, and this will be a strategic achievement for not only Armenia and the whole region, paving the way for peace, stability and long-term development,” Pashinyan said, adding that Azerbaijan’s aggressive statements and destructive position are impeding the efforts, particularly Azerbaijan’s ongoing aspirations for the territorial integrity of Armenia.

“The next urgent issue in the security sector is the situation in the Sotk-Khoznavar sector of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. We say that this situation needs to be solved through peaceful means. All of our international partners share our view, that is, Azerbaijan’s military formations need to exit the territory of Armenia. Moreover, Armenia is ready to accept the proposal of international partners to deploy Russian border guards along the length of the border and carry out activities for delimitation and demarcation of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border,” Pashinyan said.

Touching upon the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Pashinyan said the conflict remains unresolved. “We are certain that the 44-day war and the context of self-determination of Armenians has been further reinforced within the logic of remedial secession,” he added.

Touching upon the return of prisoners of war, Pashinyan said the following: “The recent return of 15 Armenian prisoners of war instills hope that there will be a major change in the regional atmosphere soon. There is no doubt that all of our prisoners of war will be returned soon, but the important thing is that the humanitarian issues are solved as soon as possible, and Armenia expresses its willingness to move forward by taking such steps.”

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