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What is the "last station" of all this? International Studies expert Suren Sargsyan asked this on Facebook, and added as follows

Regional developments outline one of the following possible scenarios which they may very soon “force” upon us [Armenia].

Regarding Azerbaijan:

Signing of a large Armenia-Azerbaijan peace agreement which will include:

1. Recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

2. Renunciation of territorial claims to Azerbaijan.

3. Establishment of diplomatic relations, opening of borders.

4. Clarification of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border (mainly at the expense of the territory of Armenia).

5. I do not rule out that Armenia will be obligated not to have an army at all, only having a small police force (following the example of Japan capitulated after World War II).

Regarding Turkey:

Signing of the Armenian-Turkish reconciliation agreement which will envision:

1. Renunciation of [Armenian] genocide claimancy, recognition of Turkey's territorial integrity, renunciation of territorial claims.

2. Editing the Declaration of Independence of Armenia, removing the image of [Mount] Ararat from the coat of arms.

3. Opening of borders, establishment of diplomatic relations.

4. Concession of the corridor connecting Turkey to Azerbaijan.

5. Exclusion of the military presence—which may threaten the security of Turkey or Azerbaijan—of any other state in the territory of Armenia.

In return for all this, we will be promised an inflow of Turkish-Azerbaijani capital which primarily will not be in the form of "large investments," but in the form of "economic expansion"—following the example of Georgia.

I repeat: this is one of the possible scenarios the possibility of the implementation of which depends also on the course of the East-West global competition in the South Caucasus and the Black Sea region.

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