April 17
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YEREVAN. – The parents and other relatives of the Armenian servicemen who have been captured by Azerbaijan on Thursday held a protest rally in front of the main building of the government of Armenia.

According to one of them, the incumbent Armenian authorities keep saying that they have to wait a while more for the captives to be returned home, and that respective negotiations are underway. "But I can’t wait any longer, I have no patience [any more]. That’s it! I can't stand it anymore, I endured for seven months," said one of these parents.

Also, they expressed doubts that their captive children would be able to endure another two months, as previously stated by Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. "The situation has gotten even worse. At least then they were not filing criminal cases, they were not making court decisions against them. But now they are being charged with terrorism and can go to jail. Did we raise terrorists?" asked the father of one of these captives.

The mother of an Armenian soldier captured by the Azerbaijanis, in her turn, stressed that their children went to defend the homeland, whereas the Armenian authorities do not protect the rights of their citizens in any way. "Nobody cares about the lives of these boys. They do not care about their future. They say that there is a future [i.e., the ruling Civil Contract Party’s slogan in the recent snap parliamentary elections in Armenia]. What future is that? The prison of Baku? Is that my son's future?" she asked.

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