July 31
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You know, nothing will surprise me now because most Armenians got along with everything that happened in October-November 2020, and yes, a similar agreement is in the works, but it can’t be reached without Armenia’s recognition of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, and this means forgetting about Nagorno-Karabakh. This is what former president of the two Armenian republics (Armenia and Artsakh), leader of the opposition ‘Armenia’ bloc Robert Kocharyan said in an interview with Channel 5, Yerkir TV and Second Armenian Television TV channels.

Asked how Armenia should act in this situation, Kocharyan said unacceptable anti-Armenian statements have been made over the past few months and Armenia hasn’t responded to them.

“We have taught our enemy that it can treat us this way. Moreover, Armenia is using all this for political goals. I reiterate the thought that the goal can be achieved by manipulating the people horrified by war with fears and by increasing the dosage. It’s an irrational mindset, but when there is an instinct of fear, everything becomes irrational to a certain extent. I believe this factor was of essential significance during the elections and had an impact on the course of elections. What would I do? I would never be in such a situation and would never be defeated and brought down to my knees,” he said.

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