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The authorities want to use the "steel mandate" bluff again…
YEREVAN. – Past daily of Armenia writes: LSG [i.e., local self-government] elections are expected in Armenia in fall.
Now the political forces have already started preparing for those elections. According to Past newspaper’s information, especially the authorities are preparing for them with special enthusiasm. Moreover, they hope to use the "steel mandate" bluff once again in the LSG elections and succeed. To facilitate their work, the authorities aim to achieve by the fall, in as many communities as possible, the dismissal of incumbent community leaders and appointing the representatives of their own team.
According to our sources, however, the authorities have quite a big concern, as those who "worked hard" for them in the electoral process are young, do not have the appropriate experience and knowledge.
Despite the fact that various representatives of the authorities have promised their supporters during the pre-election period to "do everything for them," now they realize that going to the polls with such weak cadres is a complete failure, and their cadres will simply not "endure."
Moreover, we have information that the main opposition forces intend to actively run in the LSG elections, for which they have concentrated their potential, and are getting ready to nominate major figures in the places.

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