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Iran’s nuclear program is advancing effectively and will become factual in the near future, and a big war remains the only option to undermine this. This is what political scientist Stepan Danielyan wrote on his Facebook page, touching upon regional developments.

“Who will wage a war against Iran? It seems that the answer to this question is clear — Turkey and Azerbaijan. The meaning of the Turkey-Azerbaijan military alliance, as well as the ongoing purchase of weapons and military exercises should be viewed in this context as well.

It’s clear that the London-Ankara-Baku-Tel Aviv axis is acting against Iran. The local Azerbaijanis and Arabs of Khuzistan will act against Iran, and in its turn, Iran will try to mobilize the Kurds of Turkey, like it did during the war against Iraq.

Who will be Iran’s allies? Iran has issues with Pakistan. Taking into consideration Iran’s relations with China, it’s not very likely that China and Russia will directly support Iran, but perhaps indirectly.

What is the route through which Turkey will supply troops and weapons to Azerbaijan? The importance of the road of Meghri for Azerbaijan should be viewed in this context as well.

It’s clear that this scenario will very likely become a reality, but it’s hard to predict when. However, it seems that the issue of Iran’s nuclear program is accelerating the development of events.

What is Armenia going to do? This is a question that the government needs to answer. The government’s duty is to draw up action programs for different scenarios and lead an appropriate policy. Armenia’s objective is to stay as far away from that war as possible,” he wrote.

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