June 13
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The fires in Turkey don’t pose a danger to Armenia since the Araks and Akhuryan rivers flow through the Armenia-Turkey border, and there are no grounds for the spread of the fires. This is what Turkologist Andranik Ispiryan said during a conversation with Armenian

Ispiryan says there have always been fires in Turkey and they have mainly broken out in the western and southwestern sectors in which there are quite a lot of forest zones, adding that this is nothing new.

“It’s just that this year people in Armenia are more sensitive to the fires in Turkey because Turkey blatantly supported Azerbaijan during the recent war [in Nagorno-Karabakh] and was indirectly involved in the war, which had a negative influence on the people of Armenia, and any natural disaster in Turkey sparks reactions. These fires break out every year. Over the past decade, nearly 100,000 hectares of forests have been burnt in Turkey. These aren’t unprecedented in terms of volume. Currently, there are only 14 hotbeds left, and the Turkish authorities are able to maintain control and put out the fires,” Ispiryan said, adding that there is no danger of spread of fires in Armenia since there is no rich vegetation in the provinces bordering Turkey.

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