July 20
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The Taliban, which have seized power in Afghanistan, have announced the creation of a Supreme Court in the country, Aamaj News reports.

According to the news agency’s information, mavlavi Abdul Hakim Hakani has been appointed Attorney General, and his first deputy is mavlavi Mohammad Kasin Turkman.

After being expelled on November 13, 2001, the Taliban carried out a scaled attack to establish control in Afghanistan when Washington announced its plans to end its military campaign in the republic in the spring of 2021. On August 15, President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani dropped his powers and left the country, and the Taliban entered the capital without hostilities. On September 6, the radicals announced control in the whole territory of Afghanistan, and on September 7, they announced the members of the ad hoc government, but the latter’s legitimacy hasn’t been recognized by any country.

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