December 07
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In this difficult period, the modern world differs from the non-modern world in that the modern world is a world of models and modeling where everything, or almost everything, is modeled and works by that logic. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this during his remarks at the Summit of Minds.

"When we model the world, we begin to know it better and begin to participate more in the management of processes and make processes more predictable for us. If we reflect on geopolitics, we need to record that it can also be given some modeling," he added.

According to the Armenian premier, geopolitics is very similar to the currents and tides which are constantly happening.

"In the non-modeled world, people did not understand why these phenomena happen and how, whereas in the modeled world, they are already becoming predictable processes.

“I believe that today the most urgent issue that shall be discussed at the Summit of Minds is the modeling of geopolitics and how and why the processes take place. And it is very important that the mind be generated in this direction, formulate questions, and give answers because they are of key importance for the past, present, and future of our country," Pashinyan said.

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