May 22
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Erdogan always says what he would like to become a reality, but this only means that it is Erdogan’s desire. This is what President of the Russian Institute for the Near East Yevgeny Satanovsky said during a conversation with Armenian, commenting on the statements of the Turkish president on the “Zangezur corridor”.

“It is already known that the “Zangezur corridor” is the object of Turkey’s major efforts, and not just with Azerbaijan. It’s very likely that the whole Nagorno-Karabakh war took place because Turkey wanted to open the route. The Iranians picture relations with Armenia differently, and this regards the Syunik Province and the future routes in the region. The implementation of this idea is quite possible, but let’s see what happens. We can’t say how the future wars in the region will be, but there will be wars,” he said.

Satanovsky also commented on Ukraine’s use of a Turkish Bayraktar in Donbas and said he expected this 100%.

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