February 09
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If there is an increase in electricity tariffs in Armenia, it will be as of February. Garegin Baghramyan, Chairman of the Public Services Regulatory Commission of Armenia, said this in an interview with Hraparak daily. Below is an excerpt from this interview.

Are changes in [natural] gas and electricity tariffs expected in 2022?

As for the electricity tariff, it will be clear in the coming days; I assume that an issue of a certain increase may arise.

And on what basis will it increase?

We will present those bases in a few days. It is conditioned by the 5th power unit of Hrazdan [Thermal Power Plant], and the loan repayment schedule of the [Metsamor]  nuclear power plant is at the basis. Every year we receive letters from companies, we see what problems they have, what is the financial situation, we calculate accordingly and see whether or not the current prices of the final consumers ensure to secure those sums. If they are not enough, the question arises that the amount should be increased by that much.

That is, will it be clear in a few days whether the electricity tariff will increase?

It will be as of February 1, 2022—if there is one.

And is there a discussion about changing the tariff in terms of [natural] gas, too?

[Natural] gas is interconnected with these agreements—depending on what agreements will be made regarding the 5th power unit of Hrazdan. They are interconnected. I assume that there are also certain other factors besides Hrazdan-5. But the lion's share will be conditioned by the 5th power unit of Hrazdan.

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