July 23
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Within the framework of cooperation with the prosecutors of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and of the Russian peacekeeping forces in Artsakh, it was found out that the murder of Artsakh citizen Seyran Sargsyan was committed by Azerbaijani citizen and soldier, Private David Rahimzade. This is noted in a statement issued by the Artsakh Prosecutor's Office.

A criminal case was launched at the Artsakh Police in connection with this case, and it was transferred by the Prosecutor's Office to the Artsakh Investigative Committee for investigation.

The Russian peacekeepers are currently negotiating to hand over Seyran Sargsyan's body to the Artsakh side.

As per the aforesaid statement, The Azerbaijani side once again distorted the circumstances of this criminal case and presented this premeditated murder as a stopping of the attack by an Artsakh citizen on their military position.

But the Artsakh side has evidence, including a full video documenting the actions of a group of Azerbaijani servicemen forcibly and violently abducting the aforementioned Artsakh national from a neutral zone, and moving him to an Azerbaijani military base by holding him by the legs and arms.

The video and other evidence will soon be provided to the Russian side, too, to form an accurate and complete picture of the real circumstances of this incident.

Artsakh National Security Service on Friday issued a statement that the Azerbaijani military had entered the neutral zone near the town of Chartar in the Martuni region of Artsakh, and used violence against Seyran Sargsyan (born in 1956), a resident of this town and a cattle breeder. Then he was taken to an Azerbaijani base, where he was killed.

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