May 19
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Twelve-day-old Monte is the ninth son and the tenth child of the Yengoyan family in Armenia.

The mother of the family, Kristine Manukyan, 39, told Armenian that Monte's birth gave his parents as much joy as the birth of his eight older brothers and one sister.

Monte's brothers and sister—Harutyun, Argishti, Minas, Arman, Agnesa, Narek, Artur, and Aleks—help their parents take care of the newborn.

Only the second brother, Davit, will meet his younger brother a little later when he returns from military service.

The first soldiers of the Yengoyan family, Harutyun and Davit, had fought in the 44-day war in the fall of 2020 and were conscripts.

In the summer, the Yengoyan will send Argishti to the army. He is currently in Grade 12 and wants to become a lawyer. Two of the children have clearly decided to do art. Harutyun will become a painter, and the only daughter of the family, Agnesa—a dancer.


Monte will be the last child of the couple. His mother does not mind having more kids, but she has already had five C-sections, and therefore the doctors consider another pregnancy risky.

The large family lives in a four-room house in Dalarik village of Armavir region.

They are engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding.

The Yengoyan say they have difficulties, of course, but they do not complain.

The parents provide the minimum conditions for their children, but do not strive for luxury—the ten children are their greatest wealth.

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