May 23
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The talks between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken ended in Geneva, RIA Novosti reported.

The talks between the diplomats lasted an hour and a half. The main topic of discussion was Moscow's proposals on security guarantees and the situation in Ukraine.

According to Lavrov, the U.S. side promised to provide a written response to Russia's proposals next week.

"We had an interim meeting. Anthony Blinken told me that he was satisfied with the exchange that took place, which will help them next week, it has been stressed several times, to provide us with a written response," he said.

Moscow has repeatedly spoken about the necessity of such a step. The Russian side stressed that it would not "wait forever" for a response.

"We have already heard the first U.S. reaction, so far verbal, to what was discussed in those two formats (NATO, OSCE. - ed.) at the level of our deputies, and the reaction, as in general the American side asked us when it offered to hold this meeting, the reaction was preliminary, we were warned about it, it was accompanied by some clarifying questions to our address," the Minister added.

"The experience of our communication with our Western colleagues on European security issues is full of examples when something was promised and then not kept," he said.

"With this, of course, our American colleagues, other Western Europeans, NATO members, are not very good at it," Lavrov said.

He added that Russia has never threatened the Ukrainian people on behalf of its official representatives.

According to him, NATO is working against Russia, which is why Moscow opposes the bloc's expansion to the East.

"This bloc was created against the USSR, and now it is working against Russia." According to Lavrov, this explains Moscow's position on the principal issue of not expanding NATO to the East.

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