June 29
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 Gas futures in Europe are still trading in the price range of 1010-1040 dollars per thousand cubic meters, that is, declining by a few percent compared to the settlement price of the previous trading day, according to the London ICE exchange.

June gas futures, based on the index of the largest European hub TTF, opened the trading session from Friday's settlement price of $1,041.8 per thousand cubic meters. Within a few minutes, this price dropped to almost $1,010 (-3%), and so far this is the price low of trading. Thus, this price in the first hour of trading is quite stable in the range of 1010-1040 dollars per thousand cubic meters, decreasing by an average of 1.5%, Prime reports.

A noticeable increase in gas quotations was observed on May 10 after the announcement by the GTS Operator of Ukraine that gas transit to Europe through the Sohranivka station would be terminated from the morning of the next day. Prices also rose on May 12: the news that Gazprom was now prohibited from using the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe pipeline for gas transportation by Russian sanctions could affect the mood of market participants.

Initially, gas prices in Europe jumped sharply this year after the start of the military operation in Ukraine: if, according to the results of February 23, the estimated price of the nearest futures was $1,038.6 per thousand cubic meters, then on February 24, it jumped by almost 50% - to 1,555. 5 dollars.

In early March, due to fears of a ban on the import of Russian energy resources, quotes updated their historical highs for four days in a row. The price record of $3,892 was reached on March 7 (+275% by February 23), and the estimated price for the day was $2,560.7 per thousand cubic meters (+146.5%).

But then the quotes moved to a steady decline, the minimum settlement price for two months was fixed on April 25 - $ 1,027.1 per thousand cubic meters (-1.1% by February 23). After that, gas futures went up again and reached $1,370 per thousand cubic meters. A new sharp rise in quotations was associated with the suspension of Gazprom's supplies to Poland and Bulgaria due to their refusal to pay for gas in rubles.

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