June 25
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US envoy to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin said law enforcement must refrain from using disproportionate force.

"I sent regular letters to international colleagues, ambassadors accredited in Armenia with a request to give an appropriate response. In particular, the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, responded to my letter," Taguhi Tovmasyan, head of the parliament standing committee on protection of human rights, wrote on her Facebook.

She, in particular, noted that the violence used by the security forces against citizens protesting through peaceful actions in today's Armenia is of a long-term nature. The policeman allows himself to spit at the demonstrator, pull the deputies.

"EU Ambassador Andrea Victorin, in particular, responded to my letters, emphasizing that she discussed the issues raised with the Minister of Justice of Armenia, who said that some cases were already being considered. Viktorin noted that law enforcement agencies and the police should refrain from using disproportionate force. It is important that people be free to express their opinions and that the media freely perform their professional duties. It is also very important that all parties condemn any form of violence that comes from both sides," Tovmasyan noted.

In particular cases, Wiktorin did not give any assessments, noting that this is a matter for law enforcement agencies and courts. The duty of citizens and civil servants is to comply with the laws and the Constitution of Armenia, which protect human rights, as well as clarify their duties. In her letter, the ambassador says that she is also aware of the incident in Gyumri, where, despite the calls of opposition leaders to hold a peaceful rally, according to information, young oppositionists used violence against four men aged 74-84.

Wiktorin urged the protesters to refrain from insults and provocations.

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