July 02
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Shahbaz Guliyev, one of the two Azerbaijani saboteurs who entered the Karvachar region of Nagorno-Karabakh in 2014, said live on the Azerbaijani TV channel Xural that he and Dilgam Askerov were in Karvachar on the orders of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Hasanov, and the country's Ministry of Defense was supplied informed about this in advance, Sputnik-Armenia reports.

In Armenia, Askerov was sentenced to life imprisonment, and Guliyev to 22 years in prison. In 2020, after the establishment of a ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh, Guliyev and Askerov were returned to Baku on the principle of an “all for all” prisoner of war exchange.

About a year ago, Guliyev supported the legend that he and Askerov "came to visit the graves of their ancestors" and that the Armenian side allegedly wanted to "show Europe that they had caught Azerbaijani terrorists and saboteurs." And now, he decided to tell the whole truth.

Guliyev noted that they went to Karvachar directly from Ali Hasanov's office. They were also given firearms and grenades.

After returning to Baku, Gasanov met only with Askerov. Guliyev himself did not see the vice-premier again.

According to Guliyev, since 1992, they periodically, with the knowledge of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, carried out sabotage attacks on the territories controlled by Armenians.

When the Armenian side detained Azerbaijani saboteurs in 2014, they found video footage filmed in the Karvachar region, in particular, a recording of exercises in one of the military units. Guliyev said that they periodically transmitted similar video materials to the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan.

Guliyev said in an interview that he was going to give more details, after which he intends to commit suicide.

After returning to Baku, Guliyev and Askerov began to accuse each other of their captivity. Dilgam Askerov even stated that Guliyev was "an Armenian spy, he sold out."

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