October 01
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Climatologists have reported the highest levels of carbon dioxide ever recorded in the atmosphere.

At the moment, its content is 50% higher than the pre-industrial level. This amount of CO2 has not been present on the planet for the last four million years.

Scientific commentator Nikolai Grinko commented to "Moskva 24" on the situation.

According to him, a lot of CO2 is bad. The overabundance of greenhouse gases leads to the overheating of the Earth.

To avoid this problem we need to switch to clean, renewable energy sources. Among them, Grinko listed: nuclear, thermonuclear, solar, wind, tidal, and others. We just need to stop pulling carbon out of the Earth's crust and releasing it into the air, the expert said.

Research conducted by the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii showed that in 2022 the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 421 parts per million (ppm). The norm for dry clean air is 300 ppm.

At the same time, Grinko pointed out that previously the content of carbon dioxide on the planet was not insignificant. At that time, the Earth was thriving: the dinosaurs are extinct, but the relict forests were inhabited by tree sloths, hippos, and a huge number of herbivores. Then came the human ancestors, the Australopithecines.

The expert believes that, for now, earthlings cannot turn the Earth into a scorched planet.

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