December 09
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If any state really wants peace and stability in Armenia and seeks to prevent new Azerbaijani aggression and gross violations of international law, it should clearly state that it will impose sanctions against Azerbaijan in case of an attack on Armenia, Artsakh State Minister Artak Beglaryan wrote on social media.

"▪️With Turkey's unconditional support and impunity for previous aggressions and crimes, the Azerbaijani authorities feel that they can solve any issue by force.

▪️Hence, in addition to the necessary resistance of the Armenian Armed Forces, the international community should sharply raise the price of Azerbaijan's criminal behavior, if not by military means, then at least by effective sanctions.

▪️And such sanctions should have been applied both after the 2020 war and after the aggression of recent days. Their absence leads to more crimes.

▪️It is, by the way, a minimal manifestation of the positive duty of the international community, which, however, falls prey to momentary and situational interests. As a result of such gross failures to fulfill the obligations of the international community, the world is gradually entering an era of wild chaos (with a high probability of world war).

▪️Yes, Armenia should try to resolve all major issues through negotiations, but Azerbaijan, intoxicated with the use of force by its success in these negotiations, should not have BATNA (the best alternative to a negotiated agreement). And the way to achieve this is to drastically increase the price of military aggression by improving our own defense system and providing sanctions," he wrote.

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