November 27
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Hungary is likely to win if former President Donald Trump returns to power, as the two countries enjoyed the best political relations during his rule, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told Fox News Digital.

"Definitely, we work together with those who are elected here in the U.S.," Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told Fox News Digital at the United Nations. "Well, but we have to be honest: If you look at the relationship, the political relationship under conservative or Republican administration and under Democratic administration, there's a big change.

"Under the term of President Trump, we had the best-ever political relationship between the two countries, [the] best-ever relationship," he continued. "We respect President Trump a lot."

Asked if Hungary would like Trump to return to the White House, Szijjártó said he could only say that he was almost certain that the same better relationship between the United States and Hungary would resume if the former president were to run and win in 2024.

He also noted that Hungary opposed further sanctions against Russia. Szijjártó said the sanctions already in place hurt the wrong countries.

"The sanctions are more harmful to us Europeans than to the Russians," he argued. "The security of energy supply in Europe is just basically gone. There is a crisis of energy supply, not only from the perspective of price, but from the perspective of volume as well, not to speak about inflation, not to speak about the food prices …

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