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 Italy's Eni said it will not receive the gas it requested from Russia's Gazprom, but the two sides are working to resolve the problem.

Supplies of Russian gas through the Tarvisio crossing point will be zero from October 1, Eni, Italy's largest importer of Russian gas, said in a statement.

Gazprom said in a Telegram statement that the problem arose as a result of regulatory changes in Austria.It is noted that the transit of gas through Austria was suspended after the country's network operator refused to confirm requests for transportation.

However, a representative of Eni said that Austria continues to receive gas at the border with Slovakia.

Italy has secured additional gas imports from alternative suppliers this year to compensate for falling flows from Russia.

Russian gas now accounts for about 10 percent of Italian imports, up from about 40 percent, the source said, while Algeria and Northern European countries have increased their shares.

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