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What Azerbaijan has long talked about and what Nikol Pashinyan has long talked about happened in Prague, political analyst Argishti Kiviryan told, commenting on the results of Pashinyan's meeting with Aliyev at the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron and European Council President Charles Michel in Prague.

The expert reminded that Pashinyan has repeatedly stated that the Armenian side is ready to recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

"There is a conspiracy against the Armenian people. Baku and the Armenian authorities were implementing a strategy so that when Pashinyan made such statements or adopted a joint statement with Azerbaijan, the Armenian society was in such a broken state that it could not oppose.

When Pashinyan spoke about it for the first time in parliament, the people were against it. So it was necessary to break the will of the people, to create a tense situation on the border, to form a panic mood so that the Armenian society in a frail state gave up on this and agreed to any document just to end this hell. The simplest political trick used previously against many nations was employed. Pashinyan tried to sow the belief in society that if it was not done, it would be even worse, which was accompanied by tensions on the border.

Pashinyan was well aware of where he was leading the situation. After the 44-day war all resources should have been directed at strengthening the army and protecting the border, but nothing has been done in two years. If Pashinyan is trying to blame the defeat in the 44-day war on the previous authorities, he should remember that he came to power in 2018 and within two years could well fix the mistakes (if there were any) and not destroy the army. What prevented Pashinyan from deploying Tor and Pantsir systems along the border and solving the problem of drones two years after the war?" Kiviryan stressed.

Pashinyan was busy doing whatever he wanted, misleading the public, as long as he didn't deal with the army reforms, he said.

"It was done so that in the end this document was imposed, and Pashinyan could say that he saved the people, referring to the fact that he pushed through his version and was able to neutralize the Azerbaijani version of the 1919-1920 map. That is, he tries to present the catastrophe for the Armenians of Artsakh as a salvation. Pashinyan has been waiting for a convenient moment for a long time and previously, together with Azerbaijan and Turkey, broke the resistance of the Armenian people.

The authorities can say that the issue of Artsakh is related to the demand of self-determination of the people and has nothing to do with the document adopted in Prague. But because of Armenia's weakness, Azerbaijan is using this document to turn the issue of Artsakh into an internal issue and will use it to close the Lachin corridor and create humanitarian problems for Artsakh.

The statement of November 9 did not stop the process, but opened the gates of hell. The latest document will not stop any process against Armenia and Artsakh either, it will not save Armenia. It will only awaken new appetites in Baku," the analyst said.

According to him, Pashinyan has wasted all the efforts and sacrifices of the Armenian people for Artsakh since 1988.

The Prague statement reads that Armenia and Azerbaijan reaffirmed their commitment to the UN Charter and the Alma Ata Declaration of 1991, through which both sides recognize each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty. They confirmed that this will serve as the basis for the delimitation commissions and that the next meeting of these commissions will take place in Brussels before the end of October.

Armenia agreed to encourage the EU civilian mission along the border with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has agreed to cooperate with the said mission as far as it will concern it. The mission will start its work in October for a maximum period of two months. The purpose of the mission will be to build confidence and assist the border commissions through its reports, the statement said.

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