April 01
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Senior Iranian officials have taken the necessary security measures to ensure the normal operation of the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran, Tasnim reports.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi on Friday discussed various issues related to the deadly attack on the Azerbaijani embassy, including the motives and goals of the armed assailant.

Based on the evidence and initial observations, they concluded that the motive for the attack was completely personal.

In addition, the necessary security measures have been taken to ensure the normal functioning of the embassy and diplomats of Azerbaijan in Tehran.

Legal measures are also being taken to clarify the personal motives for the armed attack.

As previously reported, on the morning of January 27, a man entered the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran and opened fire, killing one and injuring two people.

Tehran's criminal court prosecutor said the suspect claims his wife went to the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran in April last year and never returned home. According to him, the man did not receive any answer from the Azerbaijani embassy during his repeated visits about where his wife had gone, and he thought that his wife was hiding there in Tehran and did not want to meet him. “This morning I decided to go to the embassy with a Kalashnikov already prepared,” he told investigators, assuring the motive for his attack on the embassy in Tehran was personal.

Earlier, Tehran's police chief said that the attacker was detained by police immediately after the incident.

According to him, the man entered the embassy with two children. “This morning this man entered the Azerbaijani embassy with a firearm (AK-47 assault rifle). As a result of the attack, one person was killed and two wounded. He also noted that according to preliminary data, the attacker was motivated by personal and family problems.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani noted that the Iranian security forces took prompt action to detain the attacker, and he is currently under investigation. "This matter is being investigated with a high degree of priority and sensitivity to determine the scope of this action and the attacker's motives," the spokesman added.

He noted that the preliminary investigation shows that the attacker's motive was personal, adding that the investigation into this case will continue, and the media will report on the results.

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