October 04
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Armenian Special Envoy Edmon Marukyan has addressed the international community, calling for continued efforts to create an international mechanism to ensure the rights and safety of the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh. Marukyan wrote about it on his official Twitter page.

"Azerbaijan’s president Ilham Aliyev keeps claiming that the issue of Nagorno Karabakh is an internal matter and they are not going to discuss it with anyone. First of all, I am reminding you again that no internal matter was dealt with by 3 Permanent Member states of the UN Security Council. I mean OSCE Minsk Group Cochair’s Russia, USA, and France negotiated the matter for decades, and now the EU is also engaged in this matter. Therefore, Nagorno Karabakh issue is not an internal matter of Azerbaijan," he emphasized.

Marukyan reminded us that fundamental human rights and freedoms have not been considered an internal issue for more than 70 years, after the Second World War, because the world community learned lessons from the devastating world war, and that no dictator or democratically elected leader can be allowed to violate human rights.

“People of Nagorno Karabakh are in the danger of ethnic cleansing. Thus, the international community must continue its efforts for peaceful resolution and creation of international mechanism between official representatives of Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh for guaranteeing the rights and security of Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh,”- concluded Edmon Marukyan.

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