November 29
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There is a possibility that a certain number of Armenians will remain in Nagorno-Karabakh. Political scientist Alexander Iskandaryan has told

He added that Russia simply could not influence Azerbaijan over any serious issue. "Even Russians are being killed there, and Russia cannot react to it in any way," Iskandaryan reminded.

The political scientist noticed that it is often very difficult for politicians to say that they are to blame.

"You suggest that Russian politicians say that they signed commitments and did not fulfill them? That they signed in a different period, when there was no war in Ukraine, and now they cannot fulfill the obligations they undertook? That none of Prague's statements have anything to do with it, that Armenia has nothing to do with it at all.

Russia signed it to ensure the safety of Armenians who are in danger on the territory of Azerbaijan. Whether Armenia announced something in Prague or not, that is the mandate of the Russian peacekeepers. Lavrov or Zakharova cannot say that much," he emphasized.

According to him, any peacekeeper is always and everywhere not a military force, but a flag, which in the case of Russia, after the start of the Ukrainian war, has somewhat bent and become not as big as it was before.

"This is exactly what the Russians have problems with. Who is to blame for this? Blame whomever you want, even aliens, but the situation is arranged as it is now. Almost all political statements in Armenia and Russia that concern us are negative, against something, rather than positive, that is, what to do," concluded the expert.

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