December 11
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Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian foreign ministry, commented extensively on the ambitions of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev towards Syunik Province of Armenia and his claims that the ex-Soviet Union "gave Zangezur to Armenia."

According to Zakharova, now is not the time to comment on history, taking into account the dynamic development of the situation in the places.

"Now the situation is developing dynamically, and it requires more operative comments than history requires," she noted.

Zakharova said that Armenia and Azerbaijan have accepted each other's territorial integrity.

"They will be guided by that principle in their actions; the parties have announced this. The Russian side is interested in a stable situation in Transcaucasia, it is in favor of resolving all controversial issues through political and diplomatic means. What is more, both Armenia and Azerbaijan are our [i.e. Russia’s] allied countries. We are connected with Yerevan by obligations in the field of security, both in a bilateral format and within the CSTO framework. The declaration of allied cooperation with Baku is being successfully implemented," she said.

"As for the topic of unblocking transport communications in the region, this matter is being considered in the most detailed manner by the tripartite working group, co-chaired by the deputy prime ministers of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan," Zakharova noted.

"We are convinced that it is in this format that a mutually acceptable decision can and should be found, which will guarantee the sovereignty and jurisdiction of each of the countries towards the routes that pass through its national territory. Such agreements, based on the balance of interests, will benefit both the countries of the region and their neighbors, including Russia, Turkey, and Iran," said the official representative of the Russian foreign ministry.

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