November 29
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Approximately 100 families from Artsakh have applied to schools to organize their children's education. Zhanna Andreasyan, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports, emphasized the importance of prioritizing education alongside housing, medical care, and food programs for families forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh.

During a press conference on September 27, Minister Andreasyan mentioned that they have already received around 100 applications from citizens in different regions who are seeking educational opportunities for their children. She highlighted that this demonstrates the commitment to education even amid ongoing challenges, and the schools are prepared to accommodate these students. The Ministry of Education has provided clear instructions to schools on how to organize the educational process, and there will be no bureaucratic obstacles.

Artsakh had 108 educational institutions with approximately 21,000 students and about 1,500 teachers. In Andreasyan’s opinion, the education system in Armenia is well-prepared to accommodate the educational needs of displaced students.

In the wake of the large-scale aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan against Nagorno-Karabakh on September 19, a somber exodus has continued for the second consecutive day, with countless residents compelled to leave their cherished homelands and embark on a journey to Armenia. The urgency of the situation leaves them with little time to collect their personal belongings, as they abandon their homes and property behind.

As of 15:00 Wednesday, September 27, a total of 50,243 people who were forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh have crossed the border into the Republic of Armenia.

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