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Of course, the signing of the peace treaty with Azerbaijan is a necessity, as well as the establishment of lasting peace in our region. I have held that opinion for decades. Serzh Sargsyan, the third President of Armenia, told this to reporters in front of a Yerevan court Friday, recalling that since the mid-1990s, he has talked about compromises and settling the problem through negotiations.

"Two decades ago, I announced from the NA [(National Assembly)] podium that Aghdam is not my homeland. And some time ago, people who consider themselves patriots, who know a lot, who think about the future of Armenia, took pictures in Aghdam and said: ‘Aghdam is our homeland.’ They thought they were ‘stinging’ me, not realizing that they were talking nonsense. And the end will be like this," said Sargsyan.

He emphasized that he does not know the text and form of the peace agreement that the Armenian PM is going to sign with Azerbaijan.

"We draw certain conclusions only from certain leaks, from the press of other countries, and we see that every time we make new concessions, every time. And how can it be called a ‘peace treaty?’ If such a treaty is signed, then it would be correct to call such treaty a forced peace treaty; and a forced peace treaty is the same capitulation.

“You remember that after the publication of the document of November 9, [2020] how the word ‘capitulator’ was ‘tattooed’ on him [i.e. Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan]. And I am sure that if such a peace treaty is signed, he will be called ‘double capitulator.’ Unfair peace is the cause of a new war," said Serzh Sargsyan.

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