February 29
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Lebanese American philosopher, writer, and scientist Nassim Taleb sees several potential global threats, the first being the pandemic. He said this during the press conference held Thursday within the framework of the Science and Business Days 2023 conference in Yerevan.

Taleb said he had noted about the pandemic before Covid in his book Black Swan. The second prediction refers to the collapse of the financial system, and he wants to talk about the big financial crisis of 2008, which is in the US. This affected people's lives worse than, say, terminal diseases. Measures are needed to counter all this, he said.

Perhaps the biggest risk in the US right now is the collapse of the real estate market. The third risk is the constantly growing debt levels for Western countries, Taleb noted.

If you are told that the main risk is with China, or Ukraine and Gaza, it is not true. The bigger risk is in the three directions he mentioned, Taleb said.

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