March 03
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Gevorg Papoyan, a member of the majority faction in the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, has no information on the phase of the process regarding the returning of the 32 Armenian captives from Azerbaijan. He spoke about it during Monday’s NA press briefings, when asked whether there is news about the return of these detainees.

Also, Papoyan emphasized that no date was clearly specified in that regard, and he only assumed that the process would take place at the same time; that is, 32 Armenian captives will come and two Azerbaijanis will leave.

To the question whether it is ruled out that Azerbaijan will change its position on returning the 32 Armenian detainees and posit new preconditions, Papoyan responded: "We say we are going to some process, nothing can ever be ruled out. But if we go to the process, at the end of that process there will not be the 32, the rest will also come; this is how it will be.

“Now will it be difficult for some people? Will it be easy to accept the reality? But the end point of peace will be [Armenia-Azerbaijan border] demarcation, delimitation, the presence of border guards instead of soldiers and trenches at the borders, restoration of mutual ties, etc., etc. If all this does not happen, there will be no peace."

Last week, the office of the prime minister of Armenia and the administration of the president of Azerbaijan made a joint statement, in which they informed that Azerbaijan will release 32 Armenian captives, and Armenia—two Azerbaijani servicemen.

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