February 21
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When major global centers, including American and European officials, warn Azerbaijan not to resort to military actions against Armenia, they mean the Syunik Province of Armenia, and they know that these actions will take place. Political scientist Stepan Danielyan, a member of the opposition Mother Armenia bloc, said this in an interview with

According to Danielyan, when Iran regularly states that this is unacceptable for it, this also proves that there are such plans. He added that Iran is against this because in the future, the implementation of these plans of Turkey and Azerbaijan may threaten Iran’s territorial integrity in the form of a possible uprising by the Azerbaijanis living there.

In Danielyan’s assessment, the fate of Syunik and the whole of Armenia depends on external geopolitical processes.

He said the talks about the “enclaves” are the first steps on the way to the implementation of the aforesaid plans o Azerbaijan and Turkey.

The analyst is sure that there is no talk of a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Armenian authorities are deceiving the population, and the prime minister spoke earlier about what is on the agenda today.

Danielyan reiterated that the real objective of Turkey and Azerbaijan was not Nagorno-Karabakh, but Syunik, and they will never abandon those plans. According to him, in the first respective phase, Azerbaijan will want to make its troops enter into the territory of Armenia under the name of taking the “enclaves” and will wait for the international reaction. And in the next phase, it will plan an attack on Syunik.

Danielyan did not consider it a coincidence that the clause on border delimitation and demarcation was removed from the text of the aforesaid peace treaty because Azerbaijan first wants to achieve Armenia’s actual recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan so as not to succumb to the pressure of the international community and close the still unresolved issue.

"After that, Azerbaijan will go to the next phase. The authorities of Armenia, for their part, are only buying time, and their actions are not subject to any elaborate political strategy. We are dealing with random people who brought us to the current situation. And now, under the influence of fears, they are trying to find a ‘this minute’ solution by fleeing either to Russia or the West," the political scientist said.

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