April 14
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Haryana state police have used tear gas against the protesting farmers who announced a march to the capital of India on Wednesday, NDTV reported.

These clashes between the farmers and the police took place in the Shambhu settlement, which was the main gathering place of the demonstrators and where clashes had already occurred last week.

The police noted that the number of protesters exceeded 10,000, many farmers came with tractors, some started putting iron pieces and bars on the equipment in order to attack the police barriers.

The police noted that the farmers are "arming youth with sticks, stones, face masks (to protect against the tear gas) and iron shields to attack" security personnel.

Farmers are demanding the adoption of a law that will ensure a minimum purchase price for agricultural products, below which it cannot be lowered.

The Indian authorities, however, have said that they are ready to buy only corn, cotton, and pulses at a guaranteed minimum price.

The protesters demand to extend the measure to 23 main crops.

They also demand pensions for farmers over 60 years old, tax reduction, and cancellation of loans.

Among the demands is that India withdraw from the World Trade Organization and freeze its free-trade agreement with some countries.

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