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Edmon Marukyan, the Ambassador-at-Large of Armenia, on Thursday reacted to the statement by the foreign ministry of Azerbaijan regarding French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements, which were made during his joint press conference with visiting Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Wednesday in Paris.

“I read the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan in response to the constructive peaceful statements made during the press conference of the leaders of Armenia and France in Paris yesterday.

And what a surprise, the official representative of a country that, allegedly on the way to peace, conducts non-stop aggressive military exercises in its armed forces and continuously arms it, makes statements condemning the tension and destabilization in the region based just on a press conference.

Aren't these bellicose statements of Azerbaijan, ethnic cleansing, not withdrawing of its occupational troops from the sovereign territories of Armenia and organizing incessant border provocations the reasons that destabilize our region?

The military cooperations of the Republic of Armenia have one goal - to increase the level of resistance and ensure the integrity of our sovereign territories,” the ambassador-at-large of Armenia noted on X—former Twitter. 

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