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Today, at the request of the opposition, an NA session was convened on the matter of border delimitation and demarcation between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, another illegality happened and eight opposition MPs were simply deprived of the opportunity to participate in that session, it was decided to hold a closed session, although no secrets were publicized within that closed session. Artsvik Minasyan, secretary of the opposition “Armenia” Faction, stated this in his remarks at the statements’ hour in the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia.

"However, the bizarre is something else. An attempt is being made to manipulate our proposal once again and attribute false theories to our proposals. Starting from the fact that in accordance with international law, no agreement can be concluded under the use of any force or the threat thereof. This fundamental provision of international law is ignored by the Armenian authorities," added Minasyan.

According to the opposition MP, no readiness is expressed from the NA chair that all tools should be used and the aggressor Azerbaijan should be held accountable for occupying the territories under the sovereign jurisdiction of Armenia.

"Our statement is that the territories under the sovereign jurisdiction of Armenia cannot be the object of trade in any way without a referendum of the people. It’s also about the territories whose title rights belong to Armenia; Artsvashen [village], and also many other [Armenian] settlements that are occupied by Azerbaijan. Any change regarding these territories is subject to approval solely by referendum, without it, what is implemented by any authorities of Armenia is considered a crime," emphasized Artsvik Minasyan.

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