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There should not be a frontline [with Azerbaijan], there should be a border, and there will be a checkpoint at that border. If you want to communicate, you will communicate, if you don't want to communicate, you will not communicate. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this during his meeting with the residents of Berkaber village of Tavush Province on Wednesday.

"What is this story about? They say everything about me, about my child, about my wife, about my parents, even about my grandfather. Do you think that I have no dignity, or that I cannot counter? No, I understand that there comes a time when you have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your motherland, for the sake of your country. Sacrifice your respect as well, your name, your child's mental state as well, your family's peace as well, your parents' good memory as well, your grandfather's good memory as well, but you must know why you are doing [it]. I know what I'm doing [it] for: I'm doing [it] for this Republic of Armenia to be an independent state."

Pashinyan again showed the map of Armenia, after which one of the attendees asked: "And is Artsvashen [village] in it?" Pashinyan gave a positive answer and showed a separate "map" of Artsvashen.

Pashinyan went to the border communities of Tavush for the second time this year. The previous meeting with the local residents did not go smoothly. The topic of the meeting was handing over four villages of Tavush Province to Azerbaijan, to which the locals expressed their opposition. Pashinyan told the villagers that those four villages must be handed over to Azerbaijan, otherwise a war will start.

But the residents of the border communities of Tavush were not so dissatisfied with Wednesday's meeting.

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