May 23
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Hraparak daily of Armenia writes as follows, in part: The previous day, the administrative heads of Tavush Province left the meeting with [PM] Nikol Pashinyan at the government in a "dead, but not buried" state. According to our information, a tense discussion took place between the parties. In addition to the fact that Pashinyan resorted to traditional blackmail and threatened Tavush residents with war, saying that if the border delimitation-demarcation process does not take place, Azerbaijan will start a war against Armenia.

We were told that he did not even give guarantees when they asked to say whether the Azerbaijanis, settling next to our settlements, will not demand more in the future, will not try to advance. They asked if he gives such a guarantee that they [i.e. the Azerbaijanis] will no longer submit new demands again, as "appetite opens up while eating." Nikol Pashinyan coolly admitted that he cannot give such guarantees, and if the events develop in that scenario, then we should buy time, making it clear that he wants to avoid war by all means and does not know what its real price is.

The heads of the communities proposed to carry out a complete delimitation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, based on the principle of proportionality, as a result of which the Azerbaijanis would leave the Armenian territories which they have occupied at various times; that is, on the principle of ours is ours, theirs is theirs. But Pashinyan said that there is no such possibility at the moment, it is not an acceptable option for Azerbaijan.

Let us note that the [aforesaid] administrative leaders decided not to participate in the work of the working group from now on. Yesterday, the Noyemberyan community administration also issued a statement, stating that border delimitation work between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the territory of Baghanis, Voskepar villages of Noyemberyan community contains extremely dangerous risks.

Ishkhan Aghbalyan, the administrative head of Voskepar, assured us that after the meeting with Pashinyan, he has not lost hope and will fight to the end. "Whatever he has decided, he will do; that's what he said, and I don't want to say anything more."

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