May 22
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Syria recognized the Armenian Genocide in 2020 and the context of this recognition was presented by the Syria-Armenia Friendship Commission. Syria's ambassador to Armenia, Nora Arisian, told this to reporters after paying tribute Wednesday, on the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan.

"The Syrian parliament unanimously accepted this and called on other parliaments to recognize the Armenian Genocide. The Arab people of Syria were the first witnesses of the Armenian survivors of the Armenian Genocide. They welcomed the Armenians with an open heart. Today we have with us a delegation from the Syrian National Assembly. They have come to support Armenia and once again mention that the [Armenian] Genocide today is not only a historical act, it must definitely be recognized," said Arisian.

She emphasized that if Turkey had been punished for committing the Armenian Genocide, it would not have dared to commit terrorist acts and carry out operations against Syria today.

"Syria has been resisting for 12 years, but we have certainly emerged victorious from that terrorist war to some extent. Unfortunately, the pan-Turkic plans continue in Syria, in the region," added the Syrian ambassador to Armenia.

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