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Currently, there is no Armenian settlement under the control of Azerbaijan. If there is, then let them name it. I can name the settlements that Azerbaijan is talking about. Can the critics of the Armenian side name such a settlement? Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, Alen Simonyan, stated this, speaking with reporters on Thursday.

"Arsvashen [village] is our territory, and the conversation about it will continue. This is part of our sovereign territory. When it comes to enclaves, we will talk about it.

There are territories in [Armenia’s] Tavush [Province] where Armenian forces have advanced, there are places where Azerbaijani forces have advanced into Armenian territory.

I am happy that we are putting up [border] markers and securing the border. After all, we are specifying a border not only for Armenia, but also for Azerbaijan.

We are getting a border. Is getting a border a unilateral concession? Is it a concession that a would-be attacking side recognizes our border? Has any territory of Armenia been handed over [to Azerbaijan]? Not a single meter of Armenia's territory can be a subject of discussion," added Simonyan.

He assured that no one is handing over the territory of Armenia.

As for the 31 villages, it is about territories of vital importance, explained the NA speaker.

"Where we have advanced, we are retreating, where Azerbaijan has advanced, they are retreating. Now this territory [i.e. the areas of Tavush Province] has become more protected, as the border has been specified. If they decide to attack, these positions will make very little difference. My guarantee is the legal border, the fact that Azerbaijan has recognized this part of the border. No one in the world has created a more reliable guarantee.

Does anyone think that we, having the best positions, can fight against Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan, and Syrian mercenaries? The question is only the number of casualties. But we have to remove the mindset about war from the Armenian and Azerbaijani agenda.

And now I want to understand what all those [i.e. the protestors] were busy with during the war. They are busy with nothing but nonsense. Now they, including at the instigation of a third country, are busy unleashing a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, so that problem solvers and peacekeepers appear. We don't need peacekeepers, we need to oversee the border.

We have borders. And now [Azerbaijani president] Aliyev announced something for the domestic audience, to bargain with Russia and Turkey, and for some other purpose. I care very little about that. I am interested in reality. And the reality means that Azerbaijan and Armenia, as Aliyev also announced, have an indisputable part of the border. And there can always be a reason for an attack.

Those who try to get dividends from these processes will not get anything, they are losers. They have nothing to say to society, and what they say is dictated from outside. Armenian citizens understand this very well.

Provocateurs, who are the fifth column, try to play with people's emotions. These are people who have lost power and are now trying to organize a provocation. They have nothing to offer the people.

When the time comes to listen to the opinion of the people, we will listen to the opinion of the people. This is also being done now. The Prime Minister of Armenia regularly meets with the villagers," added Simonyan.

To his knowledge, the motorways of Tavush Province have been blocked by those for whom the border delimitation in its current form will deprive people of safety and even their own homes.

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