June 18
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Protesters of the Movement for Tavush headed by Bagrat Archbishop Galstanyan, the head of the Tavush Diocese, are marching to the government mansions where Bagrat Archbishop Galstanyan expects to meet with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

"I invite you to come and meet this people, not only as a political figure, but also as a man,’ he said, addressing the prime minister.

Further, he said that if Nikol Pashinyan does not come to meet them, then it would once again prove that he does not have legitimacy.

“When you talk about sovereignty, I want to ask: Is it possible that you don't make your decisions yourself, they are made in another place? Is it possible that they dictate you from other places; they dictate you to terrorize and mock your own people? Therefore, we will go from this square, I will go to the government mansions, expecting to meet you," he said.

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