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Leader of the Tavush for the Homeland movement, Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, along with his supporters, started a march from the Ministry of Internal Affairs building back to Saint Anna Church in downtown Yerevan.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Armenia, Vahe Ghazaryan, did not meet with Archbishop Galstanyan.

"Unfortunately, Vahe Ghazaryan also did not find the courage to come down and meet [with us]. Today you did not allow the Minister of Internal Affairs to go to the National Assembly. Good luck Mr. Ghazaryan, take care, my hope was dashed, I thought manliness has finally found a place in your life in some way. But the people beside you are not good people, don't listen to them. The Vahe Ghazaryan whom I knew died today," said Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan.

With respect to their future courses of action, the archbishop instructed to publicize the photos of the police officers who will commit violence against the people and distribute these photos.

Early Wednesday morning, the members of the Tavush for the Homeland movement, under the leadership of Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, marched from the courtyard of Saint Anna Church to the Ministry of Internal Affairs building to meet with minister Vahe Ghazaryan. Outside the building, they were told by the ministry officials that Ghazaryan was ready to meet with Archbishop Galstanyan, but not in this format.

The protests and civil disobedience actions, led by the Tavush for the Homeland movement, started in Armenia after it became known on April 19 that Armenia and Azerbaijan had agreed to start border delimitation at Tavush Province of Armenia. Leading a respective march of protest from Tavush to Yerevan on May 9, Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, leader of this movement and then Primate of the Diocese of Tavush of the Armenian Apostolic Church, called on PM Nikol Pashinyan to resign.

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