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The police have installed barbed wire in the section leading from Yerevan’s Marshal Baghramyan Avenue to Derenik Demirchyan Street.

On Sunday, when the Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan-led opposition march reached the Marshal Baghramyan Avenue-Derenik Demirchyan Street intersection, the police formed a human wall and did not allow these protesters to enter Derenik Demirchyan Street, which runs along the side entrance of the Armenian parliament building. Derenik Demirchyan Street was closed off also from Proshyan Street, which runs along the entrance to the PM’s residence.

The participants of the opposition movement, led by  Archbishop Galstanyan, had spent the night on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, where they have set up many tents.

The protests and civil disobedience actions by the Tavush for the Homeland movement, led by Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, had started in Armenia after it became known on April 19 that Armenia and Azerbaijan had agreed to start border delimitation at Tavush Province of Armenia. After holding subsequent demonstrations in Kirants village of Tavush Province for days, Archbishop Galstanyan had announced that he was going to march to Yerevan to demand the resignation of PM Nikol Pashinyan. Arriving in the Armenian capital on May 9, Galstanyan held a large rally demanding Pashinyan's resignation. And during the rally on May 26, the transitional government was announced, whose PM candidate is Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan.

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