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The Armenian graves, at Genc region of Turkey’s Bingol (Byurakn) Province, have become the next target of “Armenian treasure” hunters.

Those, who were hunting for treasures in the Armenian graves located in the vicinity of Surekli village which is three kilometers away from Genc regional center, dug a six-meter-deep hole. The village prefect noted that they saw the hole which was dug by unidentified people who had also discarded human skeletons. “We witnessed a horrible scene. Those who did all this are cruel. They had thrown out countless skeletons and left. We petitioned to the Prosecutor’s Office in this connection,” the prefect said, Turkiye daily of Turkey informs.        

The villagers noted that Armenians used to live in these regions, that their village is under constant attack by “Armenian treasure” hunters, and they asked the proper agencies to pay attention to this fact.

To note, treasure hunting is a fever all through Turkey’s regions where Armenians lived. The locals do not miss the opportunity to ask those Armenians, who are visiting their historical homeland, about the “buried treasures,” and they propose to divide them among each other. Those who suffer from treasure mania commit desecration, as they destroy the Armenian graves and the foundations of Armenian churches.

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