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YEREVAN. – 168 Zham daily interviewed Armenia’s former FM Vartan Oskanian, who did not rule out the possibility of his becoming a member in the ruling coalition’s Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP). Below is an excerpt from Oskanian’s words. 

“There were several factors which I considered in connection with PAP. First, PAP is a political party, but it is not a politicized party. It is my impression that if PAP comes to power, it would include in the state system solely those people who have experience, [who] are able, ready, and noble. Second, our society perceives PAP not as an opposition, but rather as an alternative to the incumbent halls of power. And I believe this perception comes from PAP’s work method. Throughout these years they have never caused an antipathy by other political forces. This is an advantage in the sense that PAP has vast opportunities to cooperate with any political force. Second, according to my observation, PAP has the highest rating and standing today. By making PAP stronger at this phase, I believe we, the society, will receive a greater chance to change the political state of affairs in the new parliament.”

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