August 18
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YEREVAN. – The embassy of Poland in Armenia has already informed the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) about the recent shooting in Yerevan, the capital city of the Republic of Armenia (RA), according to Zhoghovurd (People) newspaper.

The shooting took place in the immediate vicinity of the embassy, and the body of the murdered, Gagik Mosinyan, was only a few meters away from this diplomatic mission.

Zhoghovurd asked the Polish embassy as to the measures they took after this incident. In response, the embassy’s cultural section attaché, Meline Yeghosyan, noted: “There should be the RA authorities’ initiative so that the RA citizens can walk around the city more safely. And informing Poland is done as the providing of information so that they are informed about what is going on in the country. We can’t take any other step. Enhancement of security should be the task of the RA authorities.” 

As reported earlier, shots were fired Thursday at around 1:25pm nearby Vernissage—a large open-air market that mainly features a collection of traditional Armenian art works, and primarily for tourists—in downtown Yerevan, and one person was killed and another was wounded.


The person who lost his life was Garik Mosinyan, 43, whereas the wounded was Vahagn Abgaryan, 39. They are from Alaverdi town, and members of organized crime.

In addition, the Investigative Committee of Armenia informed that an AK-74 assault rifle plus automatic weapon and pistol shells were found at the scene.

Three people are wanted as suspects in this murder. They are Rafik Khachatryan, 60, Albert Blbulyan, 35, and Armen Karadamidov, 33.

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