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YEREVAN. – The former ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) is preparing for active political actions, according to Irates (Realistic) newspaper.

“But, according to our information, the most diligent [from the party] is [third President and RPA Chairman] Serzh Sargsyan. (…). They say he works day and night.

“But the RPA is not working alone. Other players in the political arena are also creating their own circle (…). But they have not yet worked out steps for joint action.

“According to the same information, RA [Republic of Armenia] third President Serzh Sargsyan is not only observing different scenarios for impacting on domestic political developments, but is also closely watching each and every step of the day’s authorities, observing from the side all the ‘wrinkles’ of the constitution—the ‘suit worn’ by him at the time, [but] by a completely different person today. After all, that very Constitution prevented the RPA from keeping power,” Irates wrote.

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