November 27
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YEREVAN. – Iravunk daily of Armenia writes: The closer the end of the [election] campaign gets [ahead of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20], the more tense the atmosphere gets at [acting PM Nikol] Pashinyan's [ruling] Civil Contract [(CC)] Party.

The fact that Nikol Pashinyan directly stated yesterday that he was ready to commit suicide, the CC members consider that it is not in the genre of Nikol’s humor at all, it is about political "suicide."

But such a development is not at all favorable for the CC party’s prominent representatives, who realize that after Pashinyan's exit from politics, bitter days—to put it mildly—await them if they do not manage to escape from the country.

Thus, according to the information received by Iravunk, the CC members spare no effort and energy in the [election] campaign—both to look good in Nikol Pashinyan's eyes and in the matter of formation of dreams in connection with his [popularity] rating.

Moreover, according to the same reports, during the [election campaign] visits to the provinces, they give script instructions to their close circles to carry out corresponding shows—slaughter a lamb [before Pashinyan as sacrifice] and present [him] flowers—, and the more clever ones are tasked with improvising on the spot, creating the impression that you see, Pashinyan is acceptable to everyone.

But in fact, it all sounds like a swan song, which is best realized at the CC, but still are trying to cling to the foam.

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