October 20
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YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd newspaper of Armenia writes: The increase in deaths in Armenia from the [coronavirus] pandemic and the insufficient number of vaccinations are forcing the authorities to take more drastic steps.

According to Zhoghovurd daily’s information, active discussions are going on in the government, they are discussing the decision to longer cover the treatment expenses of the citizens infected with the coronavirus and not vaccinated [against it]. According to that decision, from now on the state will cover the expenses of treatment of only vaccinated citizens if the latter suddenly become infected [with this disease] and end up in hospital, whereas the still unvaccinated citizens who end up in hospital after being infected with the coronavirus will have to pay for the treatment expenses from their [own] pocket.

Moreover, according to our information, the expenses for hospital treatment [in Armenia] against the coronavirus range from 700 thousand to 1.5 million drams.

By the way, the government intends to implement this decision as of December.

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